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InstantiateIn doesn't execute without .DataBind

Oleg Ogurok
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Hi all,

I'm adding several TemplateColumns to my grid programmatically in Page_Load
because I don't know how many I need at compile time. Inside each
TemplateColumn, I set ItemTemplate to a class derived from ITemplate. There,
I add a couple of TextBoxes inside Itemplate.InstantiateIn() method.

It seems InstantiateIn() method executes only if I do .DataSource and
..DataBind() on my DataGrid. However, I don't want to rebind the date on
postbacks because it's not necessary. I understand that as long as I
reconstruct my controls, the ViewState data will be automatically restored.
This works well on the columns I define inside aspx.

Is there a way to make InstantiateIn() execute or should I rebuild my
columns and their controls in some other method?
Here's my code:

private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


DataTable dtPeriods = dsPeriods.Tables["Periods"];

foreach (DataRow row in dtPeriods.Rows)


PeriodColumn periodColumn = new



if (!IsPostBack)

{ dgForecast.DataSource = ds;




class PeriodColumn : TemplateColumn


public PeriodColumn(int periodNo)


this.periodNo = periodNo;

HeaderText = periodNo.ToString();

this.HeaderStyle.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center;

ItemTemplate = new PeriodItemTemplate(periodNo);


private int periodNo;


class PeriodItemTemplate : ITemplate


public PeriodItemTemplate(int periodNo)

{ this.periodNo = periodNo;


#region ITemplate Members

public void InstantiateIn(Control container)


tbCost = new TextBox();

tbCost.Columns = 10;

TextBox tbRevenue = new TextBox();

tbRevenue.ID = "tbRevenue_" + periodNo;

tbRevenue.Columns = 10;

LiteralControl lcCost = new LiteralControl("Cost: ");

LiteralControl lcRevenue = new LiteralControl("Rev: ");

LiteralControl lcSeparator = new LiteralControl("<br>");








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