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Bound DataGrid using nested XML

Christopher Jedlicka
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I am trying to use a datagrid control to display hierarchical data in
a flat format essentially in a master-detail relationship. i.e.

<Customer CustomerName="Customer1">
<Order OrderNumber="1">
<Item ItemName="Item1"></Item>
<Item ItemName="Item2"></Item>
<Order OrderNumber="2">
<Item ItemName="Item3"></Item>
<Item ItemName="Item4"></Item>
<Customer CustomerName="Customer2">
<Order OrderNumber="3">
<Item ItemName="Item1"></Item>
<Item ItemName="Item2"></Item>

When I load the xml data into the dataset, .NET creates the
relationships for me. My confusion happens when I bind this data to
my datagrid. I have set AutoGenerateColumns to false and manually
added each column. I can't seem to figure out how to set the
DataField for relational columns. i.e.

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
DataGrid dg = new DataGrid();
BoundColumn colCustomerName = new BoundColumn();
BoundColumn colOrderNumber = new BoundColumn();
BoundColumn colItemName = new BoundColumn();

ds.ReadXml("Data.xml", XmlReadMode.InferSchema);

colCustomerName.DataField =
colOrderNumber.DataField =
colItemName.DataField =

dg.DataSource = ds;

I tried to build in the relationships by doing this a little bit
different, but this didn't seem to work either:

colCustomerName.DataField =
colOrderNumber.DataField =
colItemName.DataField = "ItemName";

dg.DataSource = ds;
dg.DataMember = "Item";

How do I have to reference the DataSource and DataField properties to
display this relational data? I'd be especially grateful for any
assistance. Thanks.

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