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How come Server Explorer can retrieve the data from a Oracle DB, yet my ASP.NET page can't do that?

Bei Zhang
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I know this is a stupid question, but I couldn't find an anwser, so please
bear with me:

The thing I'm doing is simple: Build a ASP.NET web page which access a
remote Oracle DB and show the retrieved data in a DataGrid control on the
web page. That's it. I connected to the Oracle DB using Server Explorer, and
created oleDbDataAdapter using Server Explorer, no problem, I can even
preview data in the DataAdapter. But, when I tried to run this simple web
application, it gave me the notorioius error message: "Oracle client and
networking components were not found. These components are supplied by
Oracle Corporation and are part of the Oracle Version 7.3.3 or later client
software installation. Provider is unable to function until these components
are installed.".

How come I can see the data I want to get in oleDbDataAdapter (using a
button called "Fill Dataset") and yet not being able to run my application
which basically does the same thing as the preview process?

The IIS is installed in the same box that I'm running VS.NET 2002. The OS is
WinXP. The Debugger points to the following line of code:
Line 37: oleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(ds21);
I only wrote 2 lines of code, this is one of them. The next is
DataGrid1.DataBind( );

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,


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