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Generic DataBind and ItemTemplate

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Hi !

The DataGrid seems to be very good at presenting data in a convenient
It accepts anything that supports a interface and that gives me
opportunity to provide my own datasource, something I really like !

Though, when it comes to updating my datasource with values from the
datagrid it becomes a bit more difficult.

The DataGrid doesn't (according to my opinion) provide a resonable
support for getting value from the cells to the datasource.
I therefore made my own DataGrid in order to simplify transport of
data from the grid to my datasource.

It worked out just fine until I had to convert a column into a
My implementation of the *generic* transport of data from the datagrid
to my datasource depends on the DataField attribute, which I can
obtain from a ordinal BoundColumn but not from a TemplateColumn (as
far as I know).

If I have misunderstoud something about templatecolumns, please let me
know how to obtain a templatecolumn's DataField.

If it so *bad* as I think it, has any of you talented people made a
DataGrid that in a generic way handles transport of data from the grid
to your own datasource ?

I really would appreciate some guidance.....


// Jonas
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