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Datagrid events refuse to fire

Simon Storr
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I cannot for the life of me get any of my datagrid's events to fire. The
grid is within a usercontrol and is static on the page. The grid usercontrol
is in turn contained within a parent usercontrol. OnInit /
InitialiseComponent for the control is getting called correctly but none of
the events will fire ( All other events I set up at the same time will
fire ok. Here is a debug of the page events as they occur -

Main:Main_Init <----- the main page
Main: Added Page Frame
PageFrame:Init <----- the parent usercontrol
PageFrame: CreateChildControls
IndexTab:OnInit - <---- index tab usercontrol - its
events fire ok!
SDADataListGrid: OnInit <------- the grid usercontrol
SDADataListGrid: Added Edit Event <------ event is being added
but won't fire (
SDADataListGrid: Added Sort Event
SDADataListGrid: Init
SDADataListGrid: PageLoad

I've tried assigning the events statically and dynamically, in PageLoad,
PageInit etc. and nothing will work... It works if its a simple page but
not in a usercontrol.



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