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Non-breaking Spaces Added to Markup

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(NOTE: In the first attempt to post this issue the non-breaking space
characters were replaced with spaces)

We are experiencing a serious problem with custom server controls in the web
designer of VS2008. When we perform an action within the designer that causes
the markup to be updated, there are many non-breaking space characters and
spaces inserted in between the tags of the server control. For example:

<cc1:TextField ID="TextField1"> " " </TextField>

As we continue to work within the designer (such as switching tabs), the
non-breaking spaces quickly multiply until there are hundreds and then
thousands of them. If we insert some text between the tags, the text is also
duplicated. I have seen posts on other forums about this problem but no
solution. Are others experiencing this problem and, if so, is there a
workaround or solution?

Neil Aitken
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