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Dynamically boundfields aren't really dynamic

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I found this code in ASP.NET forum

It's the first code that actually built the grid the way I wanted with the
sortfields on only certain columns

However... the columns don't get rebuilt between searches
so it errors out - when there is a result set with less columns
I thought that was the reason for the dynamic bound columns

How can I make sure that it starts fresh everytime the search button is

For Each dc As DataColumn In ds.Tables(0).Columns
Dim bField As BoundField = New BoundField

'Initalize the DataField value.
bField.DataField = dc.ColumnName

'Initialize the HeaderText field value.
bField.HeaderText = dc.ColumnName
If Left(dc.ColumnName, 14) = "General Course" Then
bField.SortExpression = dc.ColumnName
End If
'Add the newly created bound field to the GridView.

gvActionList.DataSource = ds
Me.lblCheck.Text = ""

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