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Loading Combo's (dropdownlist) and java script

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I have a very weird problem with a control that I'm trying to build

I'm having two dropdownlists controls (ASP.NET) where the primary one
hold the categories and is populated when the page is loaded, and the
second one is populated depend on the value selected in the first one.
To load the 2nd dropdown I'm using a combination of AJAX (to retrieve
the data) and javascript to fill in the items (the postback is disabled
so NO page refresh is taking place when the selected item occurred).

The weird thing that happen is that upon page post-back all the items
that I've added to the 2nd dropdownlist (using javascript)
disappeared and the selected value for the 1st stays the same.

If I make them to work with autopost back, everything works great
(values preserved in the dropdownlist.) does anyone has any idea what
should I do?


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