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Menu control with Subcateogies

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My ASP.NET web application has a menu on the left side of the page which
would show a list of all the categories. It is done using a web control(ascx)
which uses a datalist control which pulls the list of categories from the
database and shows it to the users.

but now that i have several sub categories beneath category, this is how i
want the menubar to look like.
1. there shodl be an image right before the Category ( like a Dot or a
small square)
2. when the user clicks on the caetgory only then i want to show it's
3. i want these subcategories to be a little indented towards the right(
so that it is obviouss that these are subcategories)
4. I would want to have a image ( like an arrow) right before the
5. i want the font and text size of these subcategories to be different.

a perfect example of the kind of menu bar i want is from filenes website

btw i check out the skmenu( if i am not wrong ) and it shows the
subcategoies but it does not show the subcategories the way i described above.

ALso i want this to be all in .Net

Please suggest.

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