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debugger: cannot step into <% %> C# code...

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I have a .NET solution that includes C# code and then it dynamically
adds controls to dynamically created web pages.

The problem I am having with the VS.NET 2003 Debugger is that I cannot
get it to show the source for the breakpoints set in C# code embedded
with the <% %> delimiters embedded in JavaScript and HTML files.

Some of the breakpoints simply disappear when the solution is started:
no red dots.

Other breakpoints turn into red dots with question marks in them, and
when I put my mouse over them they say they are waiting for the
executable code to load: "The breakpoint will currently not be hit. No
executable code is currently loaded at this location." After the code
is loaded, I next get messages that there is no source code for the
breakpoint location: "There is no source code available for the
current location". If I just step into the assembly and then keep
stepping, if it steps into a C# file, it then shows the source, but
for my JavaScript and HTML files it rarely shows source.

If I create a webpage.aspx that is all C# code then everything works
fine. I just have problems when I mix the <% %> in with JavaScript
and HTML files I am dynamically generating.

Does anyone have any clues?

At one point, I got the breakpoint to stop on a <% %> statement within
my JavaScript code, but yet on another machine I couldn't even get
that to work.

I am definitely missing something, I am just not sure what.

If I have the same file name used in multiple directories within my
ASP.NET project, could that be causing the problem?
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Konrad Rotuski
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try this :
close solution
remove .pdb files
reopen solution
rebuild solution

set breakpoints

rply if this worked for you

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That didn't work.

I even searched the entire machine and deleted every pdb that had ever
been built for my software, and it still doesn't work.

It is only a problem with the code within the script delimiters. I
cannot get the debugger to show source for this code, and the red dots
disappear once the executable code behind these files is loaded at
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