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Dynamic Controls using ParseControl

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Hello everybody,
I am using xml and xslt to generate dynamic asp
server controls on the page. What I do is I store the control type and their
attributes in the database. And then using xml, i retrieve those controls
and then using xslt transform method , i get a stream object. I convert it
into string and pass it to the parsecontrol method in the page_init method.
All works fine, but the problem is that the server side events are not
handled. I somehow need to wire the events to the control, I dont how to go
abt it ? If u have come up across this or u have any ideas ,plz do reply.


The code for the page_init is
Private Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Init

Dim surveyDoc As XPathDocument

Dim transform As XslTransform

Dim survey As New PlaceHolder()

Dim sw As StringWriter

surveyDoc = New XPathDocument(Server.MapPath("xmlfile1.xml"))

transform = New XslTransform()


sw = New StringWriter()

transform.Transform(surveyDoc, Nothing, sw)

Dim result As String

result = sw.ToString()

result = result.Replace("xmlns:asp=""remove""", " ")

Dim ctrl As Control

ctrl = Page.ParseControl(result)



End Sub

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