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Import of a User Control in GAC

Manuel Lopez
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I am trying to share User Controls.

I want all the codehind of a User Control to be a compiled DLL and
have this DLL in the GAC.

I have this declarative in the user control:

<%@ Control Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false"
TargetSchema="" %>

I have omited the codehind and placed the UserControls DLL in the GAC.
From my web application i reference the usercontrols.dll, and since
itīs in the GAC it doesnīt copy the DLL to the BIN folder, which is
what itīs supposed to do.

But when i execute the web application it complains that it canīt find
the dll.

This is fixed by placing the dll in the BIN folder.(Which doesnīt help
since we would have to copy this dll to all the all the applications.

Is there a way to to make a user control to inherit from a dll in the

Many Thanks.
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