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multiple data grids in a same ASPX page

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I have a requirement in which I need to display multiple
datagrids in my ASPX page. I do not know how many of them
until the page load.
So I tried to approach this problem in the following ways
but none worked.

Method 1:
Step 1. Create a custom web control with a datagrid in it.
Step 2. Place a placeholder control in my page
Step 3. Create multiple instance of custom control and add
those to placeholder control
This failed, beacuse when i try to access the datagrid
control inside the custom webcontrol it gives "object
reference.. " error

step 1: have a repeater control in the form
step 2: Inside the itemtemplate of repeater control have a
I still have questions about how to set the datasource for
both datagrid and repeater control.

Method 3:
step 1: have a place holder control in the form
step 2: create datagrid control in the form at runtime
This method seems to be working.. but I am unable to set
headerstyle and other properties for the dynamically
created (at run time) datagrid. because they are all
readonly properties.

Could any one tell me how to do this. Do you guys think
all of the above methods are wrong? Any code sample would
be a great benefit.

Thanks in advance,

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