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Composite ListBox Control

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I don't know if I understand you correctly, but why would
you want to change the name of your child controls?

If you want to ensure that all of your childcontrols have
unique naming and avoid naming conflicts, implement the
INamingContainer in your class

>-----Original Message-----
>I am trying to build a composite webcontrol that

essentially has two
>listboxes next to each other with buttons to move items

back and forth. The
>way that I have done this is two create a custom control

that inherits from
>the ListBox and then I am adding buttons and another

ListBox as child
>controls. I've got the control displaying properly, but

I'm having a problem
>with the viewstate. The second listbox gives me the

following error on a
>An error has occurred because a control with auto-

generated id '_ctl101'
>could not be located to raise a postback event. To avoid

this error,
>explicitly set the ID property of controls that raise

postback events.
>In my control I am specifically changing the name of the

child listbox. Do
>I need to add some code for the viewstate of this child


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