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Re: Does Cisco make a SSL VPN router, with a "simple" GUI config?

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Just an update - I have ordered one Sonicwall TZ100W.

I will try to configure it at one site (my home) first, replacing one
of the Draytek 2900 routers. I found some old web review of the TZ100
where the reviewer got it talking via the VPN (IPSEC I think) to a
Draytek router, so this box might even work without me having to
change the other one as well

The Fortigate product looks a lot more feature-packed and faster but I
don't think we need the performance. Everything we are doing is
limited by the two ADSL speeds. We are not doing any LAN firewall

Many thanks for all your input.

Peter <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote

>I would like to replace a Draytek 2900 at a couple of installations
>with something more reliable.
>The router itself works OK but the VPN part of it has two issues:
>a) it supports PPTP only (which many GPRS/3G networks do not support),
>we would like SSL
>b) it crashes fairly regularly, and the router needs to have its power
>cycled to recover the VPN functionality.
>Draytek make some SSL VPN products but support forum feedback suggests
>they are as buggy in this area as the old stuff.
>I used to run Cisco 803 routers and they were absolutely solid, but
>impossible for me or anybody else working here to understand
>I would pay up to 1000 / $1500 per box.
>We use external ADSL modems so don't need an internal modem. We also
>need to port forward about 10 ports. Apart from that, that's about it.
>WIFI is not important.

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