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Cisco Switch Question

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I inherited a Cisco 3550 Series Switch (WS-C3550-24-SMI) - I won't
pretend to know IOS very well, but is version 12.2(35)SE.

I am attempting to create some VLANs on it, however, I see interfaces
on the switch called Vlan10, Vlan20, Vlan30, etc.

When I attempt to create a vlan, it seems to give me some conflicting

Example - I want to assign the FastEthernet port 2-6 to a vlan, I
create vlan 30, assign it IP information, and it assigns it to Vlan30
( see what I mean?)

Perhaps, the best way for me to go is to reset this thing back to
factory default.

Perhaps someone has a better way, I can pastebin my 'show running
config' if need be.


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