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Re: EULA how enforcible in NZ OT?

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On Tue, 04 Oct 2011 16:43:26 +1300, Robert Cooze
<c_o-o_z-e_r-b_@-c-o-o-z-eD_O_Tc_oD_O_Tnz> shouted from the highest

>On 04/10/11 15:49, Robert Cooze wrote:
>> Kind of off topic and kind of on topic
>> The EULA from sony on there playstation 3 and BlueRay players. In the
>> later case of the player, It had a EULA with a agree decline button. but
>> trying to read the EULA written in total legalease it is very hard to
>> work out if I want to decline or accept and what my actual risks are.
>> There where some funny bits about not suitable for fail-safe uses as in
>> weapons control and life support and saying death may result.
>> Any way have written to sony and there has been no response, I might
>> talk to the retailer about my problem.
>> It would not have been to bad If I could get a copy of the net or print
>> a hard copy. but thems the breaks. there was a total refund clause if I
>> rejected the EULA if I red it right but cant find it now....

>Got a e-mail from sony after I phoned them. I got a link to a 6 page
>pdf. not shure if it is exactly the same but will give it a read and see
>what it says. anybody want the link or should I copy and paste the funny

You might want to have a look at this freeware application:

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