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does boost::crc_32_type generate an exception?

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Can this code generate an exception under some circumstances?

unsigned CRC32(const void *Buffer, unsigned BufferLength)
boost::crc_32_type result;
result.process_bytes(Buffer, BufferLength);
return result.checksum();

I've seen the example at
but that doesn't tell me if it generates exceptions for crc_32_type alone...

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a reply to myself... it seems that crc.hpp doesn't have any throw in it so I
guess it doesn't generate any exceptions. problem solved

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Jorgen Grahn
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On Tue, 2011-10-04, A wrote:
> a reply to myself...

OK, but please quote yourself next time to give some context.

> it seems that crc.hpp doesn't have any throw in it so I
> guess it doesn't generate any exceptions. problem solved

Have you checked so it doesn't call anything which can throw, either?

I had a quick look earlier ... their example indeed catches
exceptions, but only as std::exception and '...'. I get the feeling
it's due to some overall rule like "never let exception escape

The author should really have documented this. Perhaps he assumed
everyone knew how CRC calculation are performed ...


// Jorgen Grahn <grahn@ Oo o. . .
\X/> O o .
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