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Looking in a cookie collection to preselect checklistbox items

D. Shane Fowlkes
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I have a form with a CheckBoxList which is created from a SQLDataReader. It
contains Staff personnel and I use the ID and LogOnName (a string) to build
the CBL. All works fine. I also have a "Remember my settings" checkbox on
the form that if checked, will run a sub routine to create a cookie to store
the IDs of the checked names in the CBL. The idea is to have the form
"remember" the user's selections so when they come back to the form at a
later time, their checkboxes are filled in for them and they can just click

I can create the cookie just fine. But I'm having trouble with creating the
logic to look "in" the cookie to look for any Staff IDs to preselect the
checkboxes. In theory, I could after the databinding of the CBL, I could
then loop thru all the CBL Items and see if it's found in the cookie, if so,
simply check the checkbox and move to the next item. Etc.

Make sense? So how do I look in the cookie and make that connection??

The contents of my sample cookie:


Sub CreateCookie()
Dim objCookie As HTTPCookie
Dim itmProjMgrs As ListItem

objCookie = New HTTPCookie("DRPT-Intranet-Project-Search-ProjMgrs")
objCookie.Expires = DateTime.MaxValue

If chkRememberSettings.Checked = True Then

'Saving Selected Project Managers
For Each itmProjMgrs In chkProjMgrs.Items

If itmProjMgrs.Selected Then
objCookie.Values(itmProjMgrs.Value) = "selected"
End If


'Nothing...hopefully, creates an empty cookie
End If


End Sub

And this is within a sub I use to build the CheckBoxList from a


objCookie = Request.Cookies("DRPT-Intranet-Project-Search-ProjMgrs")

For Each itmProjMgrs In chkProjMgrs.Items
'what here? Here's where I need to determine which checkboxes should be

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