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Re: cisco 1812 bgp multihoming

Doug McIntyre
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Pawel <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>There is posibility to make bgp with 2 isp with full feed on CISCO 1812,
>256MB RAM, IOS 12.4 (15) T9 ?

Probably not full feeds with only 256MB of RAM.

How much free RAM do you have left over after just running normal without BGP?

A full BGP currently is taking up around
BGP using 124799048 total bytes of memory

I don't have an 18xx with 256MB of DRAM, so I can't tell. The ones I
do have with smaller memory configs run ~60M of free DRAM after boot.

I'd recommend 512MB of DRAM for any BGP full-feed talkers.

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