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Micro-vibrations could lead to file system corruption or harddisk damage.

Skybuck Flying
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I have a new hypothesis for you:

"Micro-vibration leads to file system corruption or harddisk damage".

For example the Antec 1200 case of my DreamPC 2006 has "harddisk bays" which
have "cooling fans" connected to them.

I notice how these cooling fans start to vibrate/osccilate after a while.
Like a bridge being blow out of proportions like the wind if it happens in a
certain way.

The drive bays seem to start humming a little bit more then usual. One I
touch it the humming stops.

So I think it could be possible that these micro-vibrations could cause file
system corruption when reading/writing or maybe even sector damage.

However in the case of a fire it would still be handy to pull out the
harddisk bays. So I will leave the harddisks bays "loose" in the computer so
I can pull them out quickly.

(Or perhaps I change my mind and screw them tight with screws, maybe during
a fire they can be unscrewed, I will probably screw them in later, but too
tired for it now ! )

(This could explain why one of my harddisks had volume corruption today)

Oh yeah another explanation which first came to my mind:

It's a space event, particles from space hit the harddisk magnets... the
reason for this hypo is because other people on this planet reported system
failures as well just a day ago or so... but that could be a coincidence


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> Hello,
> I have a new hypothesis for you:

Vergeet je je Ritalin niet?

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