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Replaced bad capacitors, and monitor works

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Somewhere on teh intarwebs Dave Taylor wrote:
> "~misfit~" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
> news:j56j0v$r5g$(E-Mail Removed):
>> <shakes head> SMD re-working with a soldering iron was hard enough
>> before they bought in this lead-free stuff. However, what are you
>> going to do when you can turn a paper weight into a working laptop if
>> you can replace a few SMDs?

> conducting epoxy on the head of a pin? Do they make it?

There is something similar available at places like Jaycar but when even
holding these little capacitors while you test them can give a false
reading, I'm loathe to try anything other than straight solder.


"Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
cozy little classification in the DSM."
David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)

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Somewhere on teh intarwebs Robert Cooze wrote:
> On 19/09/11 17:12, ~misfit~ wrote:

[snip account of component-level repairs]
> I'm not sure how long the enthusiast will be able to fix things like
> computer motherboards. There is a lot of stuff Ill give it a go and
> rate my chances of less than 50% of taking it apart and fixing it.

Yeah mate, know what you mean. /Computer/ motherboards I rate as still
reasonably fixable. Laptop 'planars' are a whole different world, one I'm
just getting acquainted with now.

I figure some stuff, post-USB2 and with Pentium M (NOT Pentium 4) CPUs is
still viable for years yet for web browsing, email and the like, especially
as MS reckons that W8 will be no more demanding of hardware than W7.

So, if I get it at the right price and it fits the above specs, I'll have a
go at fixing it. After all, it's my hobby. LOL, it's what I do for fun FFS!
I certainly don't make any money out of it.

> I did get good at replacing the PSP (thick & thin) power switch at
> best I would charge no less than $70 odd in labour. They are so small
> inside. I did fix a PS2 spindle motor, I don't know who was more
> surprised me or the owner....

Heh! Nice. I remeber when I was overclocking a Coppermine Celeron and the
plan needed a pin to be broken off the CPU. Yup, you guessed it - I broke
the wrong one off! However I managed to solder it back on! I then broke the
correct one off and went on to get 900MHz out of it! Hit the 150% O/C and
had a CPU running at 900MHz at a time when the fastest Pentium IIIs weren't
even that fast and cost a testicle or two....


"Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
cozy little classification in the DSM."
David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)

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