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Re: scanners + software + Math data and symbols ...

Peter Flynn
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On 07/09/11 23:59, lbrt chx _ gemale wrote:
> scanners + software + Math data and symbols
> ~
> Say, you have documents containing tables of data, algebraic equations, graph functions and such mathematical devices. Which scanner would you suggest and/or which method of converting such to, say, LaTeX or MathML?
> ~
> Is the data represented in the table saved a CSV file so that Excel and any other application could import/render it?

No. Normally the output is a plaintext file. You have to add markup or
formatting manually.

Some more sophisticated OCR software may be able to guess some markup,
but IMHE it's usually wrong.

> I could imagine most scanners would identify and just save the picture representing a graph and link to it, but does/can it get better than that?

No, you just get the image.

> Could the formulas be translated to, say, LaTeX or MathML?

This is unfeasibly difficult to do reliably, and I have never seen
anything that does it. As Joe says, there are some applications which
claim to do this, but I have never tried them.

> Do you know of any OCR application for Math symbols?


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