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Trouble with JNI wrapper functions

Colby Nyce
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Hi all,

I am trying to call Java methods from C++ code using the JNI wrapper
functions that we have available in the "jmi" library, but I am having
difficulty figuring out how to obtain one of the required input variables.
I need to use any one of the "mljCall<type>Method" functions, such as:


These functions accept at least two parameters. The first is a "jobject",
and the second is a "jmethodID" (any additional arguments are treated as
input parameters to your Java method). I have been able to get an address
to my Java method, but I am not sure how to get an appropriate "jobject" to
use with this function. The code I have boils down to this:

/************************************************** ************************/
jclass objectClass = mljFindClass("WebScopeInterfaceToJava");
jmethodID webscopeMethod = mljGetMethod(objectClass, "voidMethod",
jobject j_obj = // How do I get this?
/************************************************** ************************/

Where do I get the correct "jobject" from? Is this available from the
global JVM or something? I have looked through a lot of the source code,
but I am finding it to be somewhat cryptic. Please bear with me, I am
completely new to JNI!


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Roedy Green
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On Thu, 8 Sep 2011 15:10:06 -0400, "Colby Nyce" <(E-Mail Removed)>
wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted someone who said :

> Please bear with me, I am
>completely new to JNI!


Order a textbook.

Google the names of problematic methods. Looking at other people's
code will give you clues on how to use them.
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