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Adobe Carousel = Big Brother wants to see ALL your photos

Wolfgang Weisselberg
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John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>> > **** off, Kraut. You shouldn't have been dropped on your
>> > head when your mama squirted you out squatting in the ghetto.
>> > Hydrocephalus is a terrible thing.
>> > Pity...

>> Notice how the superior human, prime Aryan material, puts down
>> everyone else into their place. Subhuman beings being the only
>> ones daring to disagree with him, he rightfully uses swearwords
>> to deal with them --- he can't beat them into submission by a
>> brutal crackdown --- and shows his mastery of the language.

> George shouldn't have resorted to name-calling tactics; ethnic
> slurs are frowned upon, especially.

George is way out of his depth. And he knows it.

> Although, "Kraut" has been commonly used, in Hollywood movies
> set in World War II. (It isn't considered vicious, apparently.)

It's derogatory, it's from the end of WWI, and I prefer that
people who call me that look me into the eye.

>> Watch the absulute alliteration in "squirted ... squatting" and
>> "terrible thing", an age-old Germanic rhyming scheme, in which
>> he proudly proves his ancient Germanic ancestry. On the other
>> hand observe his rather, ah, elementary knowledge of medicine and
>> his misuse of technical terms, showing his unreachable phantasy
>> of dissociating himself from the mental have-nots he belongs to.
>> On the gripping hand, of course he lies with his last word.

> You're reading a lot, into his words (unless being satirical,
> of course).

The satirical marks should be *obvious* to the skilled
reader. "Proudly Proves his Ancient [...] Ancestry", indeed.

>> He's of course prime material for the SA, once he's learned to
>> obey and love his German overlords. All the necessary elements are
>> there: xenophobia, sexual supression feeding his hatred for anyone
>> unlike him, subhumanizing anyone who disagrees with him, hiding
>> behind a fake name, his complete recreancy (unless in a numerically
>> well superior mob) and of course the complete exchange of brain
>> for shits and prejudice. He's the kind of lemming following the
>> common herd of his comrades that the SA needs, a stupid, blunt,
>> but dangerous tool to smash enemies of the 3rd Reich. (He's
>> too unsophisticated and too anger ridden for the SS.)

> "SS" is familiar, but...what's this "SA" thing, anyhow?

Less brain than the SS, more brawn though (workers and unemployeds,
where the SS was more middle class). Organized (enforced)
e.g. boycots against Jewish shops. Brought Hitler to power,
and was turned upon. Brownshirts.

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John Turco
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Eric Stevens wrote:

<heavily edited for brevity>

> > "SS" is familiar, but...what's this "SA" thing,
> > anyhow?

> Regards,
> Eric Stevens

Thanks, for the link...I think. (A dark time and
place, certainly.)

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>

Marie's Musings <>
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