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working with forms

Sam Carleton
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Ok, have posted here before, but as a refresher, I have 8 years
experience as a C/C++ Windows developer. Currently I am working on my
first real web site using ASP.Net. I must admit that so far it has been
a lot of fun, but the way one must thing about things is very different
from what I know and love

Ok, I have worked though the "Walkthrough: Validating User Input in a
Web Forms Page" and have my form, now I need to do something with the
data. The form is a simple request form. I would like to email the
contents to an email account and to display the data entered back on the
same page, without the form showing up.

I am currently using a standard HTML table to contain all the web form
controls. I am guessing that there is some way to set the HTML table's
visibility state to false. Am I right? If this is not the correct
approach, what approach should I take?

This is only phase one of this page. The next phase is going to call
for the page to contain a tab control with two tabs, one for this
request form and another to display data. Something like this page
<> with the Accessories, Features,
Specifications, and Items Includes. I have a feeling that it will be up
to me to handle the tabs, which I can figure out, just more navigation.
My concern is the content, how do I control the content in the box in

Thanks for the help!
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