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Lights on but doesn't power up.

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hey my previously working laptop turned off in the same manner as it does when the battery dies however it was plugged into the mains at the time. I thought that the psu had gone however it registers that power is being supplied to the laptop, all led's are on and so is the power switch but when pressed nothing happens.

We took it to the shop, where the tech tried another psu (I have no idea what the V was or anything but I'm assuming he knew what he was doing) - same result.
He said normally he would suggest the motherboard had gone however there usually woildn't be any lights. Or it could be a broken connection somewhere between the power switch and the motherboard - which he said would explain why my laptop died as though the battery had gone as it might not have been getting power from the cable at the time.

Any idea? I was thinking of picking up a replacement battery since its only a tenner or so just to see if that is the cause but I get the feeling, personally, its the motherbaord.
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