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Cisco SA500W Configuration

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Hi Everyone. I'm just looking for some bigger picture advice on how to configure a firewall (Cisco SA500W) appliance that I just got. Right now, I'm a ComCast customer and they provided a cable modem/router that I just plugged into my linksys switch at the office. I'm using the DHCP that comes with the ComCast cable modem/router. All was fine and I've been using that without any problems. A huge requirement is that I can remote into my office computer, using RDP and port-forwarding that I configured on the cable modem/router.

Along comes a client that has a security requirement that if I work on their data, I need to beef up my network security. Thinking that was a good idea to begin with, I got the small business firewall appliance from Cisco. Using all the default settings, I plugged the SA500W between the ComCast cable modem/router and the linksys switch. That was pretty smooth and I did have any problems there. I could get to the Internet and more importantly, use VPN to get to my client servers.

The ComCast modem was still doing DHCP and it was assigning an IP address to the SA500W unit. Then the SA500W was doing DHCP and assigning IP addresses to all the computers in the office. Under the ComCast modem, DHCP was in the range to The default range for the SA500W was to That was ok and I understand what's going on there, which is basically a subnet.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to remote back to my desktop. I can't fire up remote desktop and plug in the static IP address that I have plus the port forwarding range because the ComCast cable is only aware of one device, which is the SA500W. My desktop has an IP address that isn't in the range of the ComCast cable modem/router, so it ends there.

So here's my question. Do I need to disable DHCP on that cable mode/router and basically not make it function like router? In other words, should that just be a pass through modem and then the SA500W become the only router in the network scheme? In that case, the SA500W would have the static IP address that used to be assigned to the ComCast cable modem/router, right?

Sorry if I wasn't clear on any of the above. I'm fairly technical, but I'm definitely a N00B on network related stuff.

Thanks in advance.

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