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Client-side image maniplation through ActiveX

adam roth
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We're looking for a client-side (ActiveX) control to allow web users
to resize, rotate, and manipulate images on our server without
requiring a server post-back for each. Once the image is to the users
liking, they can then click "Save" and that'll be that. I've found
plenty of really great ASP.Net components for Image maniuplation, but
nothing like what I described (they're all server-side). Does anybody
know of any ActiveX controls that may be capable of doing what I
described...and I can somehow intregrate into my ASP.Net project
fairly easily.

And in the event that we do find what we want, is this a bad idea? I'm
not all that familiar with ActiveX or it's history. I'm just
researching for the boss because he thinks everything is possible.

Finally, if we do find a component that'll allow us to do client-side
image manipulation ... I assume all of the code logic has to be done
in Jscript? That doesn't sound pleasent. Anyone with insight on this
topic, please reply. I'm really just looking to understand our options
at this point and let the boss know the best way of doing this.

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