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question on parsing result by Xerxes

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Dear c++ experts:
I tried to using Xerxes and its SAX2 to parsing some xml with
namespace. some pieces codes I copied from
book(c++ cookbook), page 497, 498, 499, 500, 501
, especially its main xml file is
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Feldman Family Circus Animals with Namespaces -->

<ffc:animalList xmlns:ffc="">
<ffc:veterinarian name="Dr. Hal Brown" phone="(801)595-9627"/>
<ffc:trainer name="Bob Fisk" phone="(801)881-2260"/>
<ffc:veterinarian name="Dr. Kevin Wilson"
<ffc:trainer name="Eli Wendel" phone="(801)929-2506"/>
<ffc:veterinarian name="Dr. Barbara Swayne"
<ffc:trainer name="Ben Waxman" phone="(801)882-3549"/>

<!-- etc. -->

but I got result as (on my g++4.5.2 in linux2.6.38-10 kernel)
root@eric-laptop:/home/eric/cppcookbook/ch14# ./a.out
worng namespace uri:
is that the right result?
I suspect it.
because in the same chapter, previous section, which example using
Tinyxml to parse some more simpler
xml file(without namespace), I got pretty reasonable result, which
Echo the content in xml file orderly.
please give your comment and thanks a lot in advance, Eric
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red floyd
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On 8/9/2011 9:45 PM, eric wrote:
> [off topic redacted]

This is a FAQ. The answer to your question may be found in FAQ 5.9

Your question has nothing to do with the C++ language proper.

Please try a newsgroup with either XML or XERCES in its name.

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