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ANN: eGenix mx Base Distribution 3.2.1 (mxDateTime, mxTextTools, etc.)

eGenix Team: M.-A. Lemburg
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__________________________________________________ ______________________

ANNOUNCING mx Base Distribution

Version 3.2.1 for Python 2.4 - 2.7

Open Source Python extensions providing
important and useful services
for Python programmers.

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:

__________________________________________________ ______________________


The mx Base Distribution for Python is a collection of
professional quality software tools which enhance Python's usability
in many important areas such as fast text searching, date/time
processing and high speed data types.

The tools have a proven record of being portable across many Unix and
Windows platforms. You can write applications which use the tools on
Windows and then run them on Unix platforms without change due to the
consistent platform independent interfaces.

Contents of the distribution:

* mxDateTime - Easy to use Date/Time Library for Python
* mxTextTools - Fast Text Parsing and Processing Tools for Python
* mxProxy - Object Access Control for Python
* mxBeeBase - On-disk B+Tree Based Database Kit for Python
* mxURL - Flexible URL Data-Type for Python
* mxUID - Fast Universal Identifiers for Python
* mxStack - Fast and Memory-Efficient Stack Type for Python
* mxQueue - Fast and Memory-Efficient Queue Type for Python
* mxTools - Fast Everyday Helpers for Python

All available packages have proven their stability and usefulness in
many mission critical applications and various commercial settings all
around the world.

For more information, please see the distribution page:

__________________________________________________ ______________________


The 3.2.1 release of the eGenix mx Base Distribution is the latest
release of our open-source Python extensions.

The new patch-level version includes a few important fixes:

* Fixed a segfault in mxDateTime.
* Fixed a possible buffer overflow in the mxDebugPrintf()
* Fixed a problem in mxSetup mx_autoconf: Python.h was not
found by some tests.

If you are upgrading from eGenix mx Base 3.1.x, please also see the
eGenix mx Base Distribution 3.2.0 release notes for details on what
has changed and which new features are available:

As always, we are providing pre-built binaries for all common
platforms: Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit, FreeBSD 32/64-bit, Mac
OS X 32/64-bit. Source code archives are available for installation on
all other Python platforms, such as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.

To simplify installation in Zope/Plone and other egg-based systems, we
have also precompiled egg distributions for all platforms. These are
available on our own PyPI-style index server for easy and automatic

Whether you are using a pre-built package or the source distribution,
installation is a simple "python install" command in all
cases. The only difference is that the pre-built packages do not
require a compiler or the Python development packages to be installed.

For a list of changes, please refer to the eGenix mx Base Distribution
change log at

and the change logs of the various included Python packages.

__________________________________________________ ______________________


The download archives and instructions for installing the packages can
be found on the eGenix mx Base Distribution page:

__________________________________________________ ______________________


The eGenix mx Base package is distributed under the Public
License 1.1.0 which is an Open Source license similar to the Python
license. You can use the packages in both commercial and non-commercial
settings without fee or charge.

The package comes with full source code

__________________________________________________ ______________________


Commercial support for this product is available from
Please see

for details about our support offerings.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

Professional Python Services directly from the Source (#1, Aug 02 2011)
>>> Python/Zope Consulting and Support ...
>>> mxODBC.Zope.Database.Adapter ...
>>> mxODBC, mxDateTime, mxTextTools ...

__________________________________________________ ______________________

::: Try our new mxODBC.Connect Python Database Interface for free ! :::: Software, Skills and Services GmbH Pastor-Loeh-Str.48
D-40764 Langenfeld, Germany. CEO Dipl.-Math. Marc-Andre Lemburg
Registered at Amtsgericht Duesseldorf: HRB 46611
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