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Building a computer

obened obened is offline
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I want to buy all my computer pieces myself and build it. I've done this before, with a lot of research and luck, I managed to get it done. That desktop stopped working ~3 months after I had it built though.

I'm pretty sure it's because of my lack of professional guidance. I'm a long time lurker, and now I've registered, seeking someone's help in helping me choose the right pieces to get my PC working properly.

I have plenty of computer knowledge (software-wise, Computer Science major), however I lack the hardware knowledge necessary for my project. I want to learn as much about PC parts and how they're compatible with one another, etc.

Anyone care to help me through from now until I'm finished building my PC?

I need a mentor, thanks.

Edit: As you might've guessed I have basic knowledge of computer parts. I just get lost when it comes to compatibility and specific terms like the 3 #s on RAM latency, etc.

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yes im right with helping you through that side as thats were my expertease lie in as all the computers in my house i have built also with your old computer did you install the drivers a common mistake by many that also tends to be the problem with alot of pcs also there are certain things you should do to make sure that you dont fry some thing lke washing your hands to geat rid of oils and stuff on your hand and taking out your power while doing it things like that also if you wanna talk more email me at zelo37 (at sign) sorry about not putting in the correct email like with the at sign but if i dont do it that way it wont view my email
zelo out
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