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anonymous function with multiple statements

Yingjie Lan
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Hi all,

I wonder if Python provides a way to define anonymous functions containing
multiple statements? With lambda form, we can only define a function of a single
expression. In Javascript, it is possible to define
a full-fledged anonymous functions, which suggests it is useful to have it. In
Python, it might be like this:


def test( fn, K ):
return sum(fn(i) for i in range(K))/K

test( def (i): #indent from start of this line, not from 'def'
from math import sin
#the last statement ends with a ',' or ')'.
return sin(i)+i*i;, 100) #';' to mark end of statement

#another way:
test( def (i): #indent from start of this line, not from 'def'
from math import sin
return sin(i)+i*i
, 100) #freely place ',' anywhere


Any thoughts?

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