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EasyBCD 2.0 released

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This one is for Charlie.
After two years we have a new full-fledged EasyBCD 2.0 release.
These are some of the changes:
•Complete Windows 7 support (including the pretty-boot screen!)
•Total redesign of the user interface to make the stuff you use more
often easier to get to and easier to understand
•Automatic configuration and one-click setup of Windows XP dual-boots.
No more mucking around w/ boot.ini and NTDETECT + NTLDR
•Support for multiple top-level Windows XP entries. You no longer need
to go through a second NTLDR menu no matter how many XPs you have
•Support for GRUB2 and ext4fs (we're looking at you, Ubuntu *glare*)
•Boot from ISO images and Virtual Harddisk (vhd) files!
•Create bootable USB drives!
•Change the boot drive on your system (including all the partition
management stuff) with one click!
•Rewritten OS X support (yes, again *sigh*)
•EasyBCD BIOS Extender to let you boot from network devices, specific
hard disks, USBs, and more even if your BIOS doesn't support it
(thanks to PLoP integration)
•Support for multiple top-level GRLDR entries (in the same vein as XP
entries above)
•Improved boot device detection, EasyBCD always runs, even if your
boot device is inaccessible or the BCD isn't installed!
•Loading indicator for lengthy operations
•Better support for loading and managing external BCD stores
•Complete EasyBCD portability. Just tell the installer where to stick
it, and you're set!
•Improved high DPI support
•Ability to create safe-mode entries
•Improved MBR repair, BCD repair, and more!

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