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Re: Design question business-tier

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Hello Fitim,

thanks for responding to my question. I think your suggestion makes
sense for a clean solution. I only have one problem, which is how to
tell the framework to use a specialized factory instead of the default
factory (so: in a project that used the framework, I create a
specialized abstract factory class, but how do I then tell the
framework to use it instead of its own factory). That basically is the
same problem as I was trying to address with my solution.

Do you have suggestions about this?

Jeroen Bijleveld

"Fitim Skenderi" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<#HhhH$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> One possible way is to have an Abstract Factory dessign pattern (GOF) to
> instantiate your Managers. Your Managers would be singletons (Singleton
> pattern GOF). Your would provide a concrete factory for your default
> Managers. To instantiate the appropriate concrete factory you could use
> configuration settings. Then your project does not need to worry about what
> type of managers it is using, and you could change the Managers at runtime
> just by changing configuration settings.
> hope this helps
> Fitim Skenderi

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Steven Cheng[MSFT]
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Hi Jeroen,

As for central the configuration infos of all the web applications(such as
manager class factory ..), I've ever seen that some other ones have used a
common webservice which help retrieve and store the certain configuration
datas in a common database. Then, all the web application call the shared
webservice to get the information and need only set the webservice's url in
its own web.config file. But this will make us provide a certain
application to host the webservice.


Steven Cheng
Microsoft Online Support

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