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2001 RG the majordomo even then 10 years ago.

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>Technical fixes help somewhat. The major services are now better about
>promptly terminating the accounts of those who spam (a disaster for any user
>whose address was forged). Most standard Internet email software can be set
>to filter out junk, and this can be automated - Britain's Network Services
>has a plug-in called Spamicide, which blocks junk email. The downside is
>that users still have to pay to download the messages first. (If you're
>setting up rules to filter junk email into a trash folder, forget worrying
>about return addresses, and go for phrases like these in the message text:
>"remove in the subject", "call for your FREE", and, of course, "!!!".
>Friends don't write like this.)

The problem with setting up filters at the receiver's end to just
delete the UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email, or what is commonly
known as "Spam"), is that it does not at all deal with the problem. I
have been trying to use "Spamcop" ( as often
possible. You just paste the entire message in including the header
and it automatically sends a complaint to the proper authority. If we
all did this the spammers would be greatly inconvenienced and the
would have to work harder to deal with the problem at its source, and
maybe more importantly, we would not end up having government control
or government interference with the Internet.
If you know of other solutions that folks can use I would be glad to
hear them- E-Mail me, but be aware that I report all incidents of

"UCE" that acronym never caught on.
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