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Resolving ambiguity between pointers to const and non-const members.

Vladimir Menshakov
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Good day!

Is it possible to write wrapper, which prefers const-member pointer
over non-const one?
Consider simple example:

class Foo {
void bar() {}
void bar() const {}

template<typename T>
struct member_ptr {
typedef void (T::*value_type)();
typedef void (T::*const_value_type)() const;
value_type value;
const_value_type const_value;

member_ptr(const value_type& v): value(v) {}
member_ptr(const const_value_type& v): const_value(v) {}

member_ptr ptr(&Foo::bar); // call of overloaded ‘member_ptr(Foo*,
<unresolved overloaded function type>)’ is ambiguous

Maybe SFINAE could help, but I cant figure out how
Thank you!
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On 15 Mai, 09:21, Vladimir Menshakov wrote:

[simplified example]

> class Foo {
> *void bar() {}
> *void bar() const {}
> };

> *typedef void (T::*value_type)();
> *typedef void (T::*const_value_type)() const;

void test(value_type);
void test(const_value_type);

int main() {

> <unresolved overloaded function type>)’ is ambiguous

No, I don't think there is anything you can do besides manually
forcing the type of &Foo::bar.

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