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Windows (and/or hardware?) does not throttle/distribute/share memory access time/bandwidth.

Skybuck Flying
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I think there is a bit of a little problem with windows and therefore a
potential weakness/attack vector.

The problem could be/seems to be windows does not throttle
memory/distribute/share access time/bandwidth.


Windows is known for it's multi-threading capabilities which tries to share
processor time fairly/evenly/distributed among processes/threads and the
buck pretty much stops there.

Conclusion is therefore: If a single process/thread is capable of maximizing
memory access time/bandwidth with it's few time slices then there is a
problem, all other threads/processes will get memory access time/bandwidth
starved, this will pretty much bring windows down to it's knees.

A future more advanced windows would be capable of throttling memory access
time/bandwidth too.

Perhaps special instructions could be added to processors to somehow try to
lessen the pain of additional code/processing overhead that this might

Or perhaps chipsets working together with the memory system need to be
altered to allow such sharing/distributing of memory access/bandwidth among
different processes/threads, perhaps even cores.


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