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std::min/max vs own functions

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On 11.04.2011 18:10, eLVa wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Below is a test code I made after noticing a big difference in terms
> of running time between the use of std::min or std::max and a
> templated version of it. I'm not sure where it does come from, so any
> comments are welcome.
> The code does not anything usefull, but it is a simplification of the
> real code (the purpose is only to show the difference of timings ..)
> I don't know if there is a proper way of posting a chunk of code, so I
> just drop it here ...
> Then I compiled it with :
> g++ test.cpp -O3 -o test
> And this are the results :
> Took 1.58356
> Took 0.789235
> So the second version which use templated functions is approx 2times
> faster. Is it normal ?
> I tested it on MacosX (10.5) (the timings shown above), and on Linux
> where timings are (5.45 for the first version and 4.71 for the second
> one : the machine is older, thus the big difference, but still the
> second is faster).
> Can anyone reproduce this and tell me if this is normal.
> Thanks

MinGW 4.5.2:
Took 2.4804
Took 2.574

msvc-9.0: (GetTickCount)
Took 3.604
Took 3.01

- RaZ
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