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Re: Fritz Box 7170 Dialing Rules

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>Because I get free national calls with Telefonica, I dont want to use
>the VOIP connection for those calls. So here is what I would like to
>Any number starting 00, to go out over the VOIP line
>Any other number to go out over the Fixed line

This is from a clueless noob who got their dial plan working and
that's about all.

Maybe you can extrapolate something from my dial plan to deal
with the "00" situation: ("POTS" = Fixed line")

911<:@gw0>S0 | Force "911" to POTS, dialing

1800xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 | 11-digit 800 numbers: Immeditate
dial to POTS
1855xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
1866xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
1877xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
1888xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |

<:1>800xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 | 10-digit 800 numbers: Append "1",
immediate dial to POTS
<:1>855xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
<:1>866xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
<:1>877xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |
<:1>888xxxxxxx<:@gw0>S0 |

1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | Immediate dial for normal "1 + 10
digits" numbers
<:1>[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxxS0 | If number is only 10 digits, prefix
it with "1" and dial immediately
011[2-9]x. Handle overseas dialing

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Per Anti-Spam:
>Don't understand what you mean, can you clarify please,
>these look like SPA3102 dial plans?

Right on. But if you can recognize the device from looking at a
dial plan, you're so far ahead of me that you should ignore
anything I say.
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