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Problem Limited or No Connectivity

Doug Robbins
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Using a Dell Latitude D610 with in-built Dell Wireless 1359 WLAN Mini PCI
Card, used to connect without problem to a network based on a Linksys
WRT54G router.

Dell was connected to the network and I was using the Dell to install the
software for a SanDisk WiFi Card on a IPAQ 2210. That installation was not
successful and when I went to go to the Sandisk web site discovered that the
Dell was not connect to the network and the icon in the task bar was showing
Limited or No Connectivity.

I am generally unable to Repair the connection because the network adapter
cannot be disabled. I have deleted the driver for the adapter and on
restarting the computer, the adapter is found and the driver is reinstalled.
When after a longer than normal period, the computer connects to the
network, always with Limited or No Connectivity, with plenty of speed and
excellent signal strength, it has an address of which is way
outside the reange of addresses available from the router.

Another PC still connects to the network without problem, on the basis of
which I rule out the router as the cause of the problem and I am able to
connect to the network and access the internet with a cable connection from
the Dell.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the Dell to make a proper
connection to the network?

Let me know if any additional information is required.


Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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