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Re: Shared contact list

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On 6/04/2011 12:21 p.m., Allistar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I volunteer in a community organisation that has a list of members, and we
> have multiple other volunteers who need to communicate with those members.
> At the moment we maintain our own local contact lists, but the problem is
> that changes to the contacts are often not made as they should be (some of
> the other people using this are not overly technically literate).
> What I'm looking for is a service where a shared contact list can be
> maintained by anyone with appropriate permissions via a web interface, and
> that we can ideally define mailing lists that allow us to send to a single
> address and the email will be received by everyone in that group. Being able
> to have custom fields against the contacts is a must also (so we can record
> organisation specific information against members). We currently use Google
> sites for a website for this organisation, so anything Google-ish is good.
> gmail don't let you share contact lists with other people.
> I don't mind hosting something myself (so long as it's on Linux!) but
> would rather have an inexpensive (or even better: free) solution provided by
> some other organisation.
> Any ideas how this can be easily done? ?
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