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Is Anybody Stupid Enough To Sniff User-Agent Strings?

Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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In message <(E-Mail Removed)>, Allistar wrote:

> I can understand the need to test for advanced features that one browser
> may have that another doesn't, but find it difficult to see any elegance
> in sniffing for features where the term "feature" is a euphemism for
> "bug".

The test is for whether you can use feature A or not. Whether that’s because
the engine doesn’t implement it, or doesn’t implement it correctly, doesn’t
really make that much difference.

> I don't encourage the sniffing of user agents either. I suppose this is
> another good reason to use a framework that hides such detection from the
> developer.

How do you think the frameworks do it?
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Lawrence D'Oliveiro
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In message <(E-Mail Removed)>, Ralph Fox wrote:

> On Sun, 03 Apr 2011 18:58:10 +1200, in message
> <in95q2$i4p$(E-Mail Removed)> Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
>> Is anybody’s code really going to be broken by this? I thought it was
>> well understood that you should check as directly as possible for the
>> functionality you need, not try to deduce it from purely informational
>> fields.

> If that is what you actually believe, then how do you explain this ?


How do you explain stupidity?
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