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Common-sense Products That Have Come and Sadly, Gone . . . .

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#1. Velcro strap sneakers. A savior for those of us who have "ten
thumbs", these should have rendered laces obsolete on athletic shoes
years ago! If you don't mind the "rrrrip sound" when unvelcroing them
to remove your shoes then you're all set!

#2. Home/Office PC monitors with "integrated speakers"(built-in for
us common folk!).
Now, I have a reasonably sized PC workstation with four levels - close
to the ground is for the printer. Slide out drawer - for the keys!
Main table - for mouse, telephone, papers and other junk! Top level.
A smaller level on which to put the monitor. Personally, I have no
taste for cluttering up this workstation with speakers,(plus occupying
an additional electrical socket) and so when monitors with built-in
sound came out I finally had hope for the human race!

I recently scored a 20" LCD HP 2010 floor model for about $50US less
than new, with about 4,000 hours on it. Being that the speakers are
not visible, I was skeptical as to how they would sound. I was
quickly relieved that it was definitely LOUD enough for my needs
without having to maximize the volume at any point in the audio chain
- from Windows Audio to the volume on the 2010 itself. This monitor
was a big step up in size(from the 17" HP monitor with speakers that
bundled with my PC new 3 years ago). It is much easier on the eyes
and I can have multiple browsers/apps open at once without squinting.
The sound I shall describe as "warm" - not too bassy or trebly, but
excellent for human speech and background music. The 17" bundled
monitor had a nasal "telephone" quality in comparison.

Sadly, HP's replacement for this monitor - the 2011, lacks speakers,
as does a more expensive LED monitor in this size class(20").

Over at DELL, they produced one monitor with built-in speakers 5 years
ago, but no longer make it. However, you can buy a "speaker bar" that
attaches to the bottom of most of their monitor line(wide or square).
Alas this too requires a separate power source, so what's the point?

If I want "better" sound I have a Sony "X-Plod" boombox near by to
plug the PC into, as well as the main living room stereo when I want
music to entertain with. I simply cannot believe integrated speaker
monitors did not catch on, and am sad to seem them go.

Products that have come and gladly, SHOULD go?? . . . . Let's start
with I-Pad II !

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