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VB.NET - Converting from a Decimal in a Label's Value to an Integer

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Currently using VS2008, VB.NET, SQL.

I have a FormView from a Data Source that is getting some fields that are stored as Decimals in the SQL Database.

I am grabbing the field from the FormView as such:

Dim AvgTicket As Label = CType(frmMerchantProfile.FindControl("AvgTicketLabel"), Label)
I need to take this value, and convert it to an Integer, then send it along to an API. I have the API Calls done, tested and working, but I'm getting an error as when it is getting this value, the API is returning "Must be an Integer" error.

What I have tried so far:

Dim AvgTicketL As Label = CType(frmMerchantProfile.FindControl("F10Label"), Label)   
Dim AvgTicket1 As Integer       
AvgTicket1 = Double.Parse(AvgTicket.Text)   
Do something with AvgTicket1
I have also attempted to Round the Value, then convert it and call it - no luck.

Another user at another forum suggested the following:
Dim testInt as Integer = -1  
If System.Int32.TryParse(AvgTicketL.Text, testInt) Then       
' Do something with testInt - call the API using the value
 ' code to execute if the parse fails.    
' This could be whatever you need the code to do if the value of AvgTicketL.Text can't be properly parsed into an Int value. 
End If
Using the above method always results in a similar error.

Checking the value of AvgTicket1 (Writing it out to a Label or Response.Write) shows "100", where the database value was 100.00. But the API is still getting 100.00, apparently. Any other conversion method that I've attempted states errors that the Label cannot be converted to Integer.

What are some methods I can successfully convert this value to an integer from a label?
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