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Re: i dont understand ....

Brian A
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On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:27:38 +0000, Information wrote:

> Information wrote:
>> theres a LOT about voip i dont understand
>> is one of them

> I contnue to struggle , i think this is one of those techs thats going
> to be beyond me
> Dont suppose anyone would like to offer some PHONE support to me , as
> everytime something is suggested it just raises another 10 questions for
> me that can be resolved a lot easier with another person at end of phone

I didn't see your original post - I seem not to receive all postings for
reasons unknown. However, may I suggest that when you post something that
you put something descriptive in the Subject box 'Please help' etc is
useless. These groups are all about mutual help and we should all try to
contribute. You can make a contribution with a useful Subject header.
This not only means that you stand a better chance of getting answers but
also it makes it easier for people to search for information, from your
post, in the future, because all these posts are accessible from Google

One problem with PBXes is that it doesn't seem possible to get forum help
unless you pay and you are less likely to do that if you are unsuccessful
in getting the system to work - it is their loss too.
When you have trouble with something don't see an immediate brick wall.
There is documentation on the PBXes site, click on 'help' and mouse-over
settings, and there are a small number of videos on YouTube - albeit with
a non-English commentary or silent.
Also try searching on Google.
As for getting phone help - well, yes, nice thought, but your chances of
getting that are next to nil I think. You can get help from PBXes but,
again you have to pay. If you want something free you can't expect
personal help.

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