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C program not executing more than once

satya123 satya123 is offline
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Hi all,

I have written the following code for displaying the characters which are more than 20 characters

/* Write a program to print all input lines that
are longer than 20 characters */

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
int c;
unsigned int nw=0;
char array[100];

while((c = getchar()) != EOF)
array[nw] = c;

if(c == '\n')
if(nw >= 20)
array[nw] = '\0';
printf("Sorry less than 20 Char\n");
return 0;

i have compiled the above program in command prompt using the command tcc test.c the compiler then generates test.exe file. For the first time if i type test it gives me the expected output, but if i run the program again by typing test, the program does not run. i need to recompile the program again to execute the program. could somebody help me on this?

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