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Re: Tweaking monitor calibration

John Turco
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Savageduck wrote:
> > On 2011-05-11 19:10:19 -0700, John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)> said:
> >
> >> Savageduck wrote:
> >>
> >>> On 2011-04-28 05:43:54 -0700, John Turco said:

> >
> > <edited for brevity>
> >
> >>> customer reviews of the Pantone Huey Pro, often
> >>> mention how flimsy it can be.
> >>>
> >>> I want something that will endure, long past its warranty period.
> >>
> >> Well I am not using it to sweep the driveway, or as a tool for scouring
> >> the toilet bowl. As a photo hobbyist, who does some printing at home, I
> >> wanted a tool to calibrate my monitors, without costing me a fortune.
> >> It fit my needs perfectly.

> >
> > Okay, I guess "flimsy" may not have been the optimal word.
> >
> >> The huey Pro is not made of indestructible materials, and my usage is
> >> not particularly harsh. So far it has performed as advertized, and I
> >> have no complaints, nor any need to test the warranty.

> >
> > The criticisms were that, the Huey Pro stopped working, suddenly (i.e.,
> > it had nothing to do with physical abuse).

> That depends on what "stopped working" actually means. For some reason
> the software will not automatically open on start-up, unless it is
> placed into the Mac "login Items" to be opened in account preferences.
> It is not placed there as part of the installation. Those unaware of
> this might believe it had stopped working whenever they restarted their
> computer. Just my guess.
> So far it is still working for me, but then I haven't checked to see
> how it does for cracking walnuts.

Well, it seemed they were actual hardware problems, and irrelevant to
operating systems or other software-related issues.

(I've always been a Windows user, by the way.)

> > By the way, how is an entirely calibrated >system< achieved? Does the
> > printer need its own such device, also? (I definitely doubt it, from
> > my Google searches.)

> The key is to first have a calibrated display or monitor so the output
> to the printer is what you intend it to be. Then it is a matter of
> getting the print to be as close to what you see on the display.
> The printer does not need its own device, though print results can be
> measured and a custom profile created. I would rather have the paper &
> printer manufacturers do that for me. Different printers, inks, and
> different papers will respond differently. So to match what you have
> achieved on a calibrated display with the output from any given
> printer, you will have to match the ICC profile for a specific paper to
> the printer.
> For example, I am currently using Red River papers with my Epson R2880.
> Red River provides custom profiles for each of their paper types for
> specific printers.
> < >
> In some cases the paper manufacturer will give a list of the printer
> manufacturer's profiles to be used with their papers without providing
> custom profile like Red River. For the most part these work reasonably
> well, but as they say YMMV when you use Staples generic, or Kodak
> discount papers.

For my Hewlett-Packard "Photosmart D7160" inkjet printer (a 2006
model), I have plenty of "HP Advanced Photo Paper" (both 4"x6" &
8"x10" sheets).

According to page 5, of the D7160's "User Guide":

"When you use the new HP Advanced Photo Paper (also called HP
Photo Paper in some countries/regions), special sensors in the
printer detect a mark on the back of the paper and automatically
select the optimal print settings. For more information about
this new paper, see Choose the right paper."

On page 14:

"The printer is set by default to print the best quality photos
on HP Advanced Photo Paper. If you print on a different type of
paper, be sure to change the paper type from the printer menu.
See Printer menu."

Still, I've rarely employed anything other than plain paper; I
don't print any of my various digicams' pix, yet.

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>

Marie's Musings <>
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