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Announce: WHIFF 1.1 Release

Aaron Watters
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WHIFF [WSGI HTTP Integrated Filesystem Frames]
is a collection of support services
for Python/WSGI Web applications which
allows applications to be composed by
"dropping" dynamic pages into container

This mode of development will be familiar
to developers who have created PHP
applications, vanilla CGI scripts,
Apache/modpy Publisher applications,
JSP pages, or static web content.

WHIFF 1.1 improves support for Google App
Engine applications and fixes a number of
bugs/misfeatures regarding string quoting
and encoding.


Please read about the features, tutorials, and demos:

Test drive
Mako template support
Drop down menus middlewares
AJAX callback support
Jquery helpers
Integration support for repoze.who authentication
Open Flash Charts
Internationalization support
Tree views with AJAX callbacks
Google App Engine compatibility

And much more.

Please try it out and let me know what you
think. Also, thanks to all for suggestions and other

-- Aaron Watters

This one goes to eleven.
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