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Multiprocessing.Process Daemonic Behavior

John L. Stephens
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I'm trying to understand the behavior of the multiprocessing.Process
daemonic attribute.

Based on what I have read, if a Process ( X ) is created, and before it
is started ( X.start() ), I should be able to set the process as
daemonic using X.daemon=True.

Once this attribute is set, if the parent process terminates, all
daemonic process should also terminate.

To experiment with this, I have written the following script.
#!/usr/bin/env python

from time import sleep
from os import getpid
from multiprocessing import Process

class worker(Process):
def __init__(self, id):
Process.__init__(self) = id

def run(self):
print 'Starting thread %s (pid:%s)' % (, getpid())
while True:
print 'Hello from thread %s (pid:%s)' % (, getpid())
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print '****** KeyboardInterrupt captured. Shutting down
thread %d (pid:%s) ' % (, getpid())

if __name__ == '__main__':
print 'Starting main (pid:%s)' % ( getpid())
t = []
for i in range(2):
w = worker(i)
if w._daemonic: print 'thread %d is daemonic' % i
for i in range(len(t)):
loop = True
while loop:
loop = False
for i in range(len(t)):
if t[i].is_alive(): loop = True
if not t[i]._daemonic: print 'thread %d is NOT
daemonic' % i
except KeyboardInterrupt: raise
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print 'KeyboardInterrupt captured. Shutting down main
(pid:%s)' % getpid()

print 'Shutting down'
print 'Done.'
# -- END SCRIPT -- #

From the command line, if I run the script and then enter ctrl-C the
program and daemonic children terminate as I would expect.
~/temp$ ./
Starting main (pid:13395)
thread 0 is daemonic
thread 1 is daemonic
Starting thread 0 (pid:13396)
Hello from thread 0 (pid:13396)
Starting thread 1 (pid:13397)
Hello from thread 1 (pid:13397)
Hello from thread 0 (pid:13396)
Hello from thread 1 (pid:13397)
Hello from thread 0 (pid:13396)
Hello from thread 1 (pid:13397)
Hello from thread 0 (pid:13396)
Hello from thread 1 (pid:13397)
Hello from thread 0 (pid:13396)
Hello from thread 1 (pid:13397)
KeyboardInterrupt captured. Shutting down main (pid:13395)
Shutting down
****** KeyboardInterrupt captured. Shutting down thread 0 (pid:13396)
****** KeyboardInterrupt captured. Shutting down thread 1 (pid:13397)

Likewise, if i use a 'kill -2 13395', the results are the same (13395
being the parent pid).
If I use a 'kill -2 13396 13397', the daemonic children terminate, and
the main closes as one would expect (13396 and 13397 being the children

However, if I use a 'kill 13395' (or something other then a SIGINT) the
parent process terminates and the daemonic children CONTINUE TO
PROCESS. The children essentially become zombies merrily meandering
around the system. Really, is there anything worse then a daemonic zombie?

I would have expected the daemonic children processes to terminate with
the parent process, regardless of how the parent process terminates,
either normally or forcefully.

I would love to be enlightened....


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